Hernan Mammana Hernan Mammana front-end developer - professor


Since 2004 I’ve been working on front-end development and continuously learning about it, because that is the best way to improve. Part of the time, I worked as a freelancer, and in other moments I worked in companies such as advertising agencies, design studios, software factories and currently in the most important e-commerce company of Latin America.

What am I doing now?

I’m a front-end developer and a front-end team leader. I’ve been working for MercadoLibre since the 2010. As a Chico UI framework member my tasks are to build the framework, search for new technologies and test them, and do trainings in order to teach and coach the designer and developer teams. Also, I’m part of the recruiting team doing knowledge interviews.

Enjoying what I do

I love the front-end and understanding its fundamental parts. That means promoting semantic markup, doing extremely powerful layouts with CSS and improving the user interaction with JavaScript. However, the key was understanding that the contents matter and that the user can access it on the most important devices.

How I learned

I usually read and research the w3c standards to keep updated on the new APIs and improvements. When I started, the key was to read the w3c specs because it enlightened me about the right and wrong ways to do the front-end.

Working as a professor

Then, I realized that what I learned at the institute could be improved. I made a proposal and after it was accepted, I left the basic computers courses that I gave at college. So, from the beginning of 2006 until the end of 2010 I worked as a regular professor at Da Vinci Institute. I taught HTML, CSS and some courses about ActionScript.